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The Future of Work: The Science of Hybrid and Remote Work with NYT Bestselling Author Jon Levy

The way we work has fundamentally changed, but the strategies we relied on in person don’t translate well in a world of endless virtual meetings and physical distance. With employees resigning at record rates, and feelings of trust and connection so low they are affecting team success and productivity, how do we navigate this new world of work?

Join Behavioral Scientist, TED Speaker, and New York Times Bestselling author of You’re Invited, Jon Levy, to explore the latest research, techniques, and processes to have our organizations not just function, but thrive in this new world. We will explore:

  • What trust is made of and how to create it over digital platforms
  • The counterintuitive techniques that will make meetings more enjoyable, and productive
  • How managing teams at a distance, is different than in person, and what needs to change

Prepare for an engaging fast-paced conversation. Warning you may have some fun!