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Brandformance: A Balancing Act

Join us as we convene leading marketers to discuss the balancing act of Brand Building vs. Performance Marketing.

Expedited consumer adoption of digital behaviors like the explosion of e-commerce and increasing consumption of online content, particularly on mobile devices has meant accelerated change is required for marketers everywhere.

These trends have turned data-based marketing into one of the greatest in-demand skills in our industry, due in large part to the short-term opportunities of performance marketing. However, while performance marketing is vital, this shift often comes at great expense to long-term brand building, creating a significant imbalance.

This session will provide you with key insights and practical examples, helping you to optimize your “balancing act” approach in 2022.

Wednesday, March 16 at 12-1pm ET
Thursday, April 14 at 5-6pm ET
Thursday, March 31 at 5-6pm ET
Tuesday, April 26 at 12-1pm ET